everybody’s fine

Everybody’s Fine is a movie that tells about a story of family relationships and its struggles.

Frank Goode an old recent widower decided to pay his grown up children a visit, after the his children cancelled family dinner in his home by the last minute. Frank embarked on journey. Despite of his failing condition.

His visitation revealed his children’s struggles and a tragedy. David who was the first one that Frank visited, who apparently wasn’t home in his apartment. Before Frank ‘s departure, he left a letter on his doorstep, and continued on his journey. It was later found out in the movie, that David died because of drug overdose and he has been suffering as an artist. Her daughter Amy was next on the list. Frank met his grandson. Her relationship with his husband appeared to be on the rocks, although not directly stated it was apparent during the scene where they all gathered to eat at the dinning table. The tension emitting from, over a simple conversation among the family members. Frank was washed over with a slight disappointment when he visited his son Robert. All along what he knew was he a conductor of  an orchestra in the big city, only to find out he is just a percussionist player. Last on the visit list was Rosie. Frank is welcomed in a lavished apartment where Rosie appears to be staying in. A friend of Rosie’s appeared on the scene with a baby in her arms. The truth is it is Rosie’s baby. Frank later on discovered after overhearing a phone conversation that the apartment was in fact just borrowed from a friend.

A movie that will tug everyone’s emotion.As. it reflects the reality of life minus the superficial sense of what most of the movies have a lot of. Today’s relationships issues depicted with. Every character’s struggles. The admirable attempt of Frank of re-connecting with his children with his trip, as he if he was estranged from them for the longest time because of the distance. The values that can be learned from the movie is acceptance and appreciation.

Acceptance, that in life, the things that we wish for not always turns out to be the way we wanted. Disappointment meets us because we put our expectations above the par. Things don’t always turned out the way we wanted it to be. In Frank’s case that what he felt upon discovering the truth behind the lies his children covering up . We should accept the current situation and make things work and keep the optimism intact despite of the harsh and ugly truth. At first the movie showcased the conflicting events that makes you think that the it is quite ironic, because everyone is indeed not doing fine. Disappointment meets us when we put our expectations above the par. But sticking true with the movie title, it has been justified. It ended happily with a christmas family dinner, thus in the end, Everybody’s Fine.


I feel ………. Y.O.U.

Guess who I’m loving now?

I mean they’ve been catching my eye for quite sometime since BTD & it progressed up to Nothing’s Over. In sync choreo. Charming handsome looking members. Passionate in dancing. Impressive vocals.


It’s Infinite!

Since Soshi, our girls they themselves like this group. I’m super likin them too, well not just like but LOVE…lovin ’em!

and seems like member Seungyeol is a Taeyeon fanboy? lol there was a photo of Taeyeon found in his bedpost =PPP

Infinite Generation! I’m an Inspirit now ^^ I hope I’ll get to know MORE of them boys better 🙂

i’ll finally acknowledge my admiration for:


I’m Lovin Infinite….Now ^^~ They’re …. AMAZING …..

Sunggyu. L. Dongwoo. Sungjong. Hoya. Woohyun. Seungyeol

addicted & looping Can U Smile lately….

Butterflies, Bees, Bugs, AND Dragonflies

Butterflies, Bees, Bugs, AND Dragonflies



Both ends meet.
Let’s all be together A(s)ONE), a real (E)ver(L)asting (F)riendship should be built.
Dispose all the hate.
For everyone’s sake.

the meaning of my speedy poem x)

the line: ‘both ends meet’ means both ‘fandoms’ should ‘meet’ an agreement of patching up and get into a genuine friendship.
the line: ‘dispose all the hate’ just simply means eradicate all the hating/bashing.
the line: ‘for everyone’s sake’ is in relation with ‘dispose all the hate’ meaning by eradicating the hate, it’s for everyone’s welfare. we will highly benefit with its terms because only good vibes among us should reign.

if your confuse with this:

A(s)ONE), a real (E)ver(L)asting (F)riendship 

A(s)ONE) means: ‘AS ONE’ but notice how I placed an open & close parenthesis () that is to indicate an *attempt to emphasize the word SONE, which means our fandom, it pretty much applies the same with: (E)ver (L)asting (F)riendship. Meaning ELF.

dedicated to sones+elfs x) ^^

Now time for sharing some lovin’  >SHORT PIC SPAM…… BELOW~~!!!

                      The Idol Groups that we came to LOVE. ❤ 

                                 ^^ OPPARS & UNNIES
 [We are Girls’ Generation.   “When we say hello at stage, even though it feels like I’m gonna fall on my face because I’m wearing heels, I’m able to stand still because all nine of us girls hold our hands together.”– 2011 GIRLS’ GENERATION TOUR IN KOREA (110724), Soo Young]
[ just gotta love this touching moment + Yoona’s happy touched troll face]
“E.L.F you should already know that we love you, more than you love us.”

~ Sungmin

Ever Lasting Friend that I can be together keeping mutual relationship.
                                 THE BOYS brings Mr.Simple out ^^
:DDD TaeNy 
 “Between people who truly care and love each other, there are times where you don’t need to say anything at all. Those emotions that are hard to express with words. Things like “I love you” and “Thank you”…you don’t really need to say those words.” – SNSD Taeyeon (Taeyeon’s Chin Chin Radio, 13th January 2009).


1) To make 1 kilo of honey, honey bees have to visit
over 4 million flowers.

2) Originally, in the comics, Superman couldn’t fly! He could only leap over tall buildings in a single bound.

3) The full name of the city of Los Angeles is El Pueblo de Nostra de Senora la Reina de los Angeles de porciunculal.

4) The original name for a butterfly was a flutterfly.

5) A Novel called Gadsby written by Ernest Vincent Wright, contains over 50,000 words and none of them has the letter E.

6) Ketchup was sold in the 1830’s as medicine.

7) It’s normal to have a 100 strand of hairfall in a day.

8 ) Yo yo’s were once used as weapons in the Philippines.

9) The longest place name still in use is the ‘taumatawhakatangihangaoauauotameteaturipukakpikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu’ a hill in New Zealand.

10) The world’s youngest parents were 8 and 9 years old and they lived in China in 1910.

11) Leonardo Da Vinci could write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time.

12) An average person falls asleep in seven minutes.

13) Our eyes remain the same size from birth onward,
but our noses and ears never stop growing.

14) “bookkeeper” is the only word in the english language with 3 consecutive double letters.

To Boast or Not to Boast

What is boasting? It is the act of showing off one’s strengths , skills, and accomplishments. Some believe that boasting is quite necessary for achievement. Others say that it raises one’s self esteem, it is quite natural to be proud of one’s accomplishments but boasting has an effect on relationships. Boasting causes others to feel tensed, annoyed, and envious. Surely none of us want to be the cause of bad feelings among our friends and associates. Some feel that bragging is necessary for achievement. Some may worry that if they do not boast about their strengths and assets, they will go unnoticed. Think of this: even if we are unusually talented in a particular area, our talents and strengths generally become known without undue self-advertisement, so what’s the use of bragging?
When a person refrains from flaunting his skills and assets, and speaks modestly, he makes others around him feel comfortable and good about themselves. Showing modesty is a priceless ability. So do not detract your abilities and accomplishments of boasting. Add to your virtues the quality of modesty. This is what truly raises one’s esteem in the eyes of others, and this will help you enjoy better relationships with other people.

edited by: mvl. by: fcl.


Hey! back with a new background. The Boys 😛 NEAT

The Girls came back on Music Bank today.  I screamed like a throaty soldier. I even recorded their backstage interview using my phone, IDK why. My screaming voice is real disturbing. So while watching the whole comeback perf, I keep saying ‘OMG OMG OMG’ with my hands both on the end sides of my head.


Since my title of this blog entry is SPAZZ ….and then there’s the initials of KTY. I should stand true to it, so here’s some of Taeyeon spazzstic!

KTY spazz  worthy goodies. 

Photo 1 . [Somebody called for an ICEEEE CREAAAM?]

As a Sone y’all already aware that her hair is already short as it is with yellow end streaks. Now pinkish/purpleish extensions was combined in the picture, making what? = KIM TAEYEON’S HAIR flavor of the month. Yep, she’s an ice cream alright. From the looks of it, it’s ice cream flavors toppled on top of each other. I wouldn’t be surprise if the stylists purposely did that to her, in  accordance to their concept look. Because, ya knoe KIM TAEYEON loves ice cream so much. She could just imagine her hair as ice cream and lick it from time time. ( or did she… during the filming of the MV? ROFL)

So here’s a fitting video of…. KIM TAEYEON AND HER LOVE FOR ICE CREAM:

Photo 2. [ Holy fffftttt is that chu KTY? Kim Taeyeon’s new hair colour is RAWR!]

Oh no biggie. It’s just that Taeyeon’s  hair turned  brownish blonde now and she’s belting out her smexy vocals /NOT.  It was tremendously A BIG OF A DEAL! this lil midget, pocketful of talent and overflowing with charisma DELIVERED on tonight’s comeback stage! considering according to some sources, she had a slight cold. BRAVO Kim Taeyeon =* I pledge my forever gayness to you.

Photo 3. [Indeed she’s a UFO]

Taeyeon’s new UFO dp. look at her! just look at her. LITERALLY FLOORED.  Her dorky smexy image for all the world to see!  and it seems like she’s even comfy with her position on the floor. #LikeABoss. good going Taeyeon. ^^~ *inserts X-Files creepy sounds here* 😛

Girls Generation will bring The Boys out!

I’m back after a long inevitable hiatus xD finished with my 1st semester as a 2nd yr Education stud. During the course of my absence, I received something special. currently now I am typing with the use of my APad. Which was given to me as a present. I prefer calling it TaengPad. As referrence to Taeyeon haha.

Anyway, Girls’ Generation is back!! And they’ll bringing The Boys out n Music Bank for their much awaited comeback for their 3rd full album. The Boys which also has an English version was produced and handled by Teddy Riley. It is a step for Global Generation indeed! As the girls is already signed up on the American record label Interscope Records.
Their English single The Boys released on iTunes is doing well, and Sones all around the world are just responsive downloading the song, making the single enter the top 100 on iTunes! The Music video for The Boys Korean ver, garnered 5 million views in just over 2 days, mega impressive! And their album now released comes in an all new interesting packaging = tin case with 10 postcards, 1 random photocard, photobooklet. T___T oh wow can’t wait to have my hands on it!

:The Boys:

The music video for The Boys started off with dramatic theatrics, with Yoona walking and getting that gem, later the focus was inside the gem, where the girls appeared. As if flirting us with their yeoshin like beauty. The presence of the dove, rose petals and all, made me think what could all these mean? Symbolisms of some sort. The element of Illuminati even nudged my brain. It sent me into an tumultuous ponderings. Then I got into my rational thoughts, why would I even doubt the girls?
I disclosed those thoughts as beyond preposterous xD

My personal favourites on the MV:

Aside from, I can’t help but to gawk on Tiffany’s thighs during here dancing part in the middle of the girls, during the first few secs scenes, there were the following:

> Yuri’s close up singing here line Bring The Boys Out. Such a short scene, but it translated my brain into a frenzy!

> Jessica’s serene face on her close up. It exudes sad innocence of longing of some sort.

> Taeyeon’s hand grip close up. BEST close up of a hand in history!

>Sooyoung’s madame fierce look in orange outfit.

> Sunny’s transition singing line ‘I know life is a mystery I’m gonna make history’. Matching hip sway movement.

>Yoona’s singing her line too, Bring The Boys Out. Tilting her head to the side a bit.

> Hyoyeon’s busting her moves. Uh huh.

>Seohyun’s side come hither arms choreo motion ( oh god I can’t explain, somehow you guys should get it)

So basically I stated everyone’s individual scenes that I like haha.

Time check, local time 2pm. Music bank starts @5pm. I’m seeing rehearsal photos on fb! And jizz my brain the girls are fantastic especially KTY ❤ …

By now, I think I should switch my blog background to The Boys picture. Hmmm.

Later. =* I’ll start on a marathon’ watching concert DVD, in lieu of the comeback ;DDDD

Happy Birthday IM YOONA!

To this one alligator I’ll never gonna be afraid of
The deer that we cherish
One hella good rapper (lol)
SNSD’s Girls’ Generation center and ‘THE FACE’
The unstoppable choding
Her cringe-worthy but cute ‘UNNIE~~~! aegyo.